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I provide compassionate guidance and support for adolescent girls and women looking to improve their life through development and healing of their health, relationships, and history. Sharing your story may lead to improved communication with others, stronger relationships, increased confidence and better emotional management. 

Working together, we will determine your goals and identify how you can recognize when you are making progress. Through the therapeutic relationship, you will have the opportunity to reshape significant emotional experiences that may get you "stuck" in certain life areas. This will help you gain a better understanding of what prevents you from achieving life balance, fulfillment, control, and health. By providing a safe place for you to explore your personal story, you will gain skills to help problem solve, let go, bring  awareness, and resolve in order to improve, grow and heal.

Are you ready for the journey, challenge, and opportunity that awaits?
my counseling practice specializes in...
empowering girls and women to live more authentic, confident and fulfilled lives 

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"One of the secrets in life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks." -Jack Penn
Kim Filla, LCSW
1744a ne 42nd avenue