Remaining hopeful during times of uncertainty and overwhelm can be exhausting; especially when when we are going through this COVID-19 together...I am honored to be a part of your support network during this new way of being together. 

Thoughts I think about....

*Uncertainty is tough and pushes us. We may be feeling all kinds of emotions: Sadness, Guilt, Anger, Worry, and Fear that can inflate our stress levels.  
*Grief and Loss of our life we knew.
*We are doing the best we can to provide a sense of calm and hope for ourselves, our families, and others.
*We have a shared need for connection and social support.

Things we can do and have control over....

*Plan Your Day and Schedule- Develop a routine that works for you. Find time to knowledge up, create, develop and reinvent continuously. 
*Embrace the time with your household. Find your balance.
*Move every day! Lots of fun online workouts you can do or go outside.
*Find Relaxation, Joy, and Gratitude. (Time to practice the great meditations we have shared, daily gratitudes, mindfulness, and journaling tools. 
*Connect with Others- So important to not be isolated. Reach out to each other for connection and your friends + family.
*Reflect and practice kindness and self-compassion.

Below are some resources for you.