I provide guidance and support for adolescent girls and women
 looking to improve their relationships, communication skills, self
 esteem, management of emotions, and overall health. 

 Sometimes we feel stuck in our situations. In order to make
 certain changes that positively impact our lives, we need to shift
 how we think and how we internalize our problems and 
 And, we need to heal from past wounds, hurts, and fears. 

 Each person is part of multiple systems that interact and impact
 their environment. With this in mind, family counseling sessions
 may be encouraged to discuss how the family system can
 support the young person in achieving their potential.

 Having a strengths based foundation, I draw from your unique
 assets and from Solution focused, Cognitive behavioral (CBT)
 and Narrative therapies (NT). CBT is based on the idea that
 how we think strongly influences how we feel and behave. It
 assumes that we can change the way we think, feel and   behave with practice. NT addresses the stories we tell   ourselves about how various difficulties impact our lives. By   retelling these stories, we can overcome those that control our   lives in negative ways.  

As you share your story (goals, needs, and hopes) with me, we will consider your emotional, behavioral and spiritual life as well  as the environment that surrounds you. We will look at your  past,present, and future to identify problems and solutions. 

 We may address...

Body Image
Life transitions, Goals, and Balance
Motivational barriers and Procrastination
Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders
Loss or Grief
Stress, Emotions and Anger Management
Relationship issues with Partner, Family, Friends, and Others
Ethnic Identity and Acculturation
Time management
Career choice, Personal development, and Burn-out
Lifestyle coaching
Health Issues
Parenting Teens