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  • Individual counseling and psychotherapy

  • EAP counseling for adolescents, adults, 
         and families

  • Family counseling 

  • Culturally sensitive services

  • Therapy groups
Groups provide an opportunity for promotion of sense of competence, belonging, self esteem, 
and self-discovery.  The group process is used 
as a mechanism for change by developing, exploring and examining interpersonal relationships within the group. Groups provide social skills training and 

 *Social Support Group for Women- 
Group is designed for women experiencing a lack of support system, lonliness, isolation, and/or  mild social anxiety. Group will be using cognitive behavioral interventions in a safe group environment.  Group is limited to 6 participants and will consist of six weekly sessions followed by three monthly group meetings.  Contact me if interested in learning more.

Psycho-educational process group for girls aged 13-16.  Participants will improve stress management skills through cognitive behavioral interventions and will gain new coping skills in a supportive group environment. Using art and group dialogue to express self.


  • Emotions Management
  • Improving My Self Worth
  • Relationships and Boundaries
  • Healthy Me- My Body, My Mind 
  • My Life, My Hopes, My Needs


therapy groups
A place for teen girls to BE...
  with others sharing similar GOALS...
  Uncovering stories
       Developing THEMSELVES and