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Helping you find the courage to live fiercely today.

Sparkle in Hope 

therapy and coaching

You want to show up and be present in your life with your brilliance, energy, and braveness.  Improving connections in your relationships, with yourself and others, that lead to intimacy, trust, and vulnerability are important to you.  You want to explore the floods, dips and peaks of love, happiness, sadness, worry, disappointment, shame, and guilt.  When you try to embrace moments of happiness and fierceness, the negative self-talk, life stressors, depression, or anxiety pull you down from the grasp of possibilities.  You strive for healing and better coping strategies to deal with your emotional pain, past trauma, loss, and grief. 

Are you ready for: 

  • A change partner that propels you forward in personal growth and accountability to achieve specific life goals. 

  • Discovering your best self through identifying your meaning and purpose, building social connections, and improving lifestyle behaviors. 

  • Affirming and uncomfortable moments that will lead to transformation if you can practice on the edges of courage and uncertainty.


Currently Full and not accepting new clients. 
Dance in Creativity and Lean In

Embrace the endless possibilities.

Our self talk can boost, shake or keep us still.  The first step forward can be the most challenging and you get to determine your pace. 

I can help you invent and unpack the meanings, goals, and life plan you want to have today and for your future self.  With self-discovery, healing, and purpose, we can explore your personal story so that you move towards a more thriving life.

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Hi, I'm Kim

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I grew up navigating the complexities of the world as a Chinese-American woman.  For the past 26 years, I have worked in the non-profit world serving underserved youth and families.  I channeled my passion every day to improve the outcomes for youth and their families in education, employment, mental health, racial equity, and justice involvement.


Since 2008, I have provided psychotherapy for adolescents, adults and families.  I am licensed in Oregon and Washington.  

My Why?

I do this work because I believe that we are all searching for connection, to be seen, and to be heard.  

I am inspired by the opportunity to help you take the risk of opening your world,  living in the present, and seeing the possibilities for your future. 



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